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Finding the root cause of the problem


Healing is possible when you know the root cause of the problem.


Healing naturally is the potential that everyone has. Unfortunately we live in a world where water, air and food is increasingly made more unhealthy because of chemicals. Even our current health care system promotes the use of more chemicals in the form of drugs. This combination makes it very hard for anyone to get healthy. Many are seeking natural remedies for depression, constipation and even anxiety. There is so much information available its hard to know what to do. At  Your Healing Place we take the guess work out of how to get back to a healthy lifestyle. We get to the root cause of your dis-ease so you can quickly regain a sense of wellness.

Quality of life is so important. Being able to have the energy  to just move about and be pain free is a big deal. Natural remedies in the form of homeopathy, trace minerals, botanicals all play a part in restoring the body back to health. Not only do we offer the best solutions for getting you back on track we have the technology to do it correctly.

This takes the guess work out for you and for us. Health care practitioners are not infallible. But by using technology to determine stress on the body that also tells us what your body needs makes it less likely to offer the wrong information.

If you are looking for a better way to use natural and alternative remedies for your health concerns, we offer  personalized programs that address your spirit, mind and body. The one key factor in natural healing is the reverence for the whole person.  At Your Healing Place we make sure to treat every client with the respect they deserve by listening to their concerns, helping to calm the fears of trying something new and empowering them to be the best they can be.

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