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Not Your Grandmom’s Hobby

Not Your Grandmom’s Hobby

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Baltimore, MD – Natural healing is not a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

Dr. Stephanie Reid is the founder of Your Healing Place, a natural medicine practice dedicated to powering and helping individuals to navigate the journey of natural wellness.

“We always hear that natural medicine is about mind, body and spirit, but few practitioners have the time to thoroughly explain it so the consumer of natural medicine can understand,” says Dr. Reid. “I want to help people understand the continuum for how we really heal.”

According to Dr. Stephanie Reid, all disease and pain has its origins in the spirit that impacts the mind to affect the body. True healing is concerned with integrating spirit, mind and body to restore balance.

“Natural medicine is not an alternative to allopathic medicine. It’s much deeper than that,” says Dr. Reid. “There is a thread to healing that has to take place because you are a person and not just an ear, nose and throat. That’s how I envision the delivery of natural health services. I want to integrate that concept that you are a magnificent person: spirit, mind and body.”

Dr. Reid uses state-of-the-art technology, Hair Tissue Analysis and top-of-the-line homeopathic remedies, trace minerals and botanicals to help patients harness the restorative power of their own body.

“It’s not ‘Dr. Reid’s Office;’ it’s ‘Your Healing Place.’ I open the space to you,” Says Dr. Reid. “If I can help you be well, that expands the circle of wellness around me.”




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