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90 for Life Healthy Body Challenges

At Your Healing Place we  have joined the 90 for Life Healthy Body Challenge movement!  We are committed to being a voice for our community. Many seek natural medicine services to get solid information about health and wellness. To meet that need, we have established  our very own  Community Wellness Meet Up Group. The group comes together every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month to share trends in wellness and  natural health  resources.

Since we  have come to understand that the root cause of all disease is mineral deficiency the point of meeting is centered around the 90 for life philosophy. Essentially the body needs 90 nutrients daily  to maintain function and optimal healing potential.  Without the proper nutrients in our food supply you can guarantee that most of us are mal-nourished. There is hope!

Taking your 90 essential nutrients can reverse most common illness and create hope for not only you and your family, but our entire world. Take the 90 For Life Healthy Body Challenge with us! Watch the videos and choose the challenge that’s fits your health goal. We support and encourage each other’s success. You can’t lose with a support system. Using a community model to bring wellness to the masses is how we can heal ourselves and our families.

Connect with our meet up group to get the latest information and support for your Healthy Body Challenge. View our calendar  of events for the next meet up! Bring a friend!

Weight Loss Challenge

Weight loss is about getting the proper nutrients for the body to function. Any weight loss effort needs proper nutrition, support and a goal. At Your Healing Place we help clients reach their goal by not only offering the weight loss challenge but also helping them set and reach their goals using Nano Scan, Zyto Scan and Hair Tissue Analysis.

Start Your 90 day Weight Loss Challenge

High Blood Pressure Challenge

 “High blood pressure is due to inflammation, has nothing to do with cholesterol and saturated fats, but a deficiency of ratios of Omega 3,6,9”. Salt and genetics has nothing to do with high blood pressure. Getting the facts can save your life. Take the challenge to get off of blood pressure medication for ever.

Start Your 90 day Stop Hypertension Challenge

Reverse Diabetes Challenge

Elevated blood sugar is NOT diabetes its a symptom of diabetes. Stay away from inflammatory foods and get the proper nutrients so the cells can recognize communication with insulin. Gluten intolerance mixed with a mineral deficiency will create diabetes. Take the challenge to finally get rid of diabetes and the prescription drugs that don’t help you any way.

Start Your 90 day Reverse Diabetes Challenge

Reverse Arthritis Challenge

Before you consider getting surgery for even a bone to bone issue give yourself 90 days to repair and grow new bone. You can’t undo surgery…

Start Your 90 day Reverse Arthritis Challenge

Challenge requires 90 day commitment.

Join the ” Meet Up” ~ Your Healing Place wellness team Events for support.