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90 For Life Healthy Body Challenge

90 For Life Healthy Body Challenge

The 90 for life concept is the buzz phrase for those who know the real deal about clinical nutrition. Yet, it seems to be  a new concept for many who are trying to figure out just what all the hype is about. I can count on my fingers and toes the number of times people have told me how healthy they are and had no idea what 90 for life is about. That just goes to show you that health is not the same for everyone and the road to getting there is equally as elusive. The fact is, for those who say they are healthy, they are not really sure if they are. Those who desire to be healthy don’t really know how to get there. So many contradictions about diet, food, exercise. It’s no wonder we are not reaching our optimal potential for a quality of life worth bragging about.

What is health any way? It’s not just the absences of disease, but a quality of life that supports survival. That would include making sure you are spiritually and mentally healthy as well. Many people pay close attention to higher learning and neglect their body and think nothing of spiritual issues. Others, spend every waking moment in spiritual pursuits and lack any connection with health and could care less about intellectual endeavors. Then you have the person with a perfect body with the insight of a 5th grader and the spiritual conviction of a piece of paper. No stereo types here… just sharing my own personal observation.

What is really important is that we have a balance and reverence for our spirit, mind and body. That is the only way to be truly healthy!

So, you’re asking at this point… ” I thought this was a 90 for life blog!”

Yes, it is…  and here is the concept of what 90 for life is, broken down so everyone can get it.

The concept of 90 for life  originated with the research of a pathologist who conducted 26,000 autopsies, fought the FDA 9 times  and won and is a Nobel Prize nominee for nutrition. This researcher, pathologist, veterinarian and Naturopath is Dr. Joel Wallach! Based on Dr. Wallach’s research it’s  proven that  all disease is due to mal-nourishment and the lack of nutrients to help support and promote healthy body functions.

The human body needs 90 essential nutrients daily for survival and optimal health. I will provide the actual break down below. Yet, the point is, when you neglect to give your body what it needs, it will start to malfunction. Every dis-ease known to man is a nutritional deficiency and every natural cause of death is due to a nutritional deficiency. That goes for children, athlete, seniors and everyone else.

You may say, ” I eat a healthy diet and work out.” I’m sure your believe you are doing your best, especially if you are eating organic and gluten  free food and run 5 miles per day. But there is additional info you need to know about in order to maximize your potential.

Senate Document 264 states that since 1936 the federal government has known that  US soil was depleted of nutrients. And since soil didn’t have nutrients, then the foods grown from the soil was not a good source of nutrition for the same reason. If you believe that your clean grocery list is all that is required to maintain health think again. If that was the case in 1936, what do you think of the quality now-60 years later!?

If you work out and eat the foods that don’t have nutrients in them  and you don’t supplement, you will create a breakdown of your body which could kill you! I know this sounds radical, but ask your self; why don’t athletes live long, why are  athlete dropping dead?

The answer again is in the original reason for this post. If you don’t give yourself 90 essential nutrients every single day, eventually your body will break down. The break down begins as a gastrointestinal problem, which may manifest as a skin problem, allergies or asthma. Eventually common aliments as arthritis, kidney disease, hypertension, liver dysfunction and cancer set in. Before you have to deal with those you may experience minor inconveniences of  dry skin, hair loss, headaches, insomnia, constipation, hormonal imbalances, brittle nails, loss of taste and smell, dizziness, vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction. If you are experiencing even a few of these, you know now that you are nutritionally deficient.  When you decide to go workout, you put yourself at a disadvantage. When you sweat, you are sweating out minerals, the most important components of nutrition. Working out and not putting nutrients back in ALL 90 will create a huge problem.

Don’t feel misled, exercise is good for you. However, knowing other nuggets of information about it may save your life.

I know you may now be saying to yourself, ” I have some of these, but they are hereditary.” No dis-ease is hereditary per se, rather they are epigenetic. Meaning your hair color, shape of your nose and body shape may be a genetic connection to your family, but dis-ease is not. However, if you have generations of similar nutritional deficiencies you can expect family members to have the same disease expression. For instance, if you come from a family that eats a lot of bread, pasta, cereal and grain foods; many in your family will be over weight, have a sugar intolerance ( diabetic) and may complain about aches and pains, dry skin and are always cold. Sharing horror stories about constipation may be the norm. Not to mention your doctors have told you they were genetic, taking away your power to create change. It’s not the genes that you share that is making your family suffer. It’s the diet, AND the lack of nutrition.

I can go and on about this various ins and outs of this very hot topic. Instead, I’d like to invite you to  follow us on face book so you can continue the dialogue and learn new information that could save your life. Comment on this blog and share it with others. Come to our events or listen to our conference calls.

“Not what you eat, but what you absorb.”

Lets assume you are eating a healthy diet and you are doing some supplementation. You will get some level of health if you stay away from foods that create a toxic load, impede absorption and prevent the body from being to eliminate waste. Knowing what foods not to eat is as important as learning about why you need 90 essential nutrients daily. With out further delay here is a list of the foods you should be aware of and the break down of the 90 nutrients.

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Good Foods, bad foods.

Good Foods, bad foods.

90 Essential nutrients

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