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Arthritis – a fancy name for inflammation

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Arthritis – a fancy name for inflammation

Arthritis really is just a fancy name for inflammation that can affect any one of your 360 joints located all over your body. There are joints every where; the obvious places are your knees, shoulders, spine and hip. But have you ever thought about the joints in your face? ( TMJ comes to mind)

The truth is, we can get inflammation anywhere in the body. The causes range from trauma or injury to infection and malnutrition. Investigating the top of the list cause, I’d go with nutrition. Why? Well, when you consider that from a naturopathic perspective, everything is about not what you eat , but what you absorb. Whether you realize it or not, when your brain signals a hunger alert; you aren’t craving for calories you are looking for minerals and their co factors to include vitamins and enzymes. But instead, what we give the body is calories. Even when many of the health conscious are touting the idea of “I eat healthy ” because they only do organic.

Organic is a healthy way to eat, however, it does not mean more nutritious. The fact is, since our soil is so depleted on nutrients so are the foods that grow from the soil, even your organic varieties. That leaves us with only one option. Supplementation.

We must get 90 essential nutrients daily to not only combat the assaults on our bodies daily, but also to repair from injuries seen and unseen. Looking at arthritis, we can’t ignore the fact that there is an intimate relationship with bones and joints. Bone is an active tissue, it is constantly breaking down and laying down new bone to keep the body healthy and strong. It can only do that with nutrition. When the bone does not  have what it needs to break down and rebuild, joints  are compromised. This compromise comes in the form of calcium deficiency causing inflammation and pain with osteoarthritis. When considering rheumatoid arthritis we have the loss of integrity of the joint from mineral deficiency and mycoplasmic infection. Which, by the way, is fairly easy to clear up.

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