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Best Winter Vacation of 2017

Best Winter Vacation of 2017

If you understand that every action first begins with a thought; you realize that the best winter vacation can be experienced in your imagination. From there you pick the location, imagine the perfect temperature, hotel amenities or beach scene. In your mind you decide what kind of food you’d like to try or even the body you’d like to have to fit into the perfect swimwear or bohemian outfits. Flowing skirts of white linen come to mind and then a cold breeze kisses the back of your neck and you realize your journey to your perfect vacation is cut short.

The good part is, you can go back to that place or create a new oasis when ever you desire-you have that kind of power. You use it all the time. The power of imagination can send you on an exotic adventure, feel the swoon of falling in love or make the hair stand up on your arm in fear if you’re into that sort of thing. Personally, I like to experiment with  thoughts of things I really want. Thoughts create things. So be very careful what you think about, you are creating your reality.

Science Has Proof~ 3 Experiments

Houseplant, Plant, Watering, House Plant

Experiment #1:

During his work on inventing a lie detector scientist Backster accidentally uncovered the telepathy of plants. He could show experimentally how plants react on human thoughts and  how they also may actually communicate with the other plants using telepathy. So, the next time you’re watering your plants, inform them how much you appreciate them in your environment. They are paying attention. That isn’t a joke, it’s been confirmed. When German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp proved the existence of biophotons, the light emissions out of every living thing on the planet, it lead to numerous startling insights into the life processes. There now appears to be evidence that there is a frequent flow of information between all living things, a “quantum communication”. Dr. Popp promises that organisms utilize this “light” to “have a discussion” with other microorganisms and suggests that could mean clear telepathy. It looks like humans and plant life have their own cellular  communication online on our DNA already. Wow!

Experiment #2:Emoji, Relationship, Mystery, Mystical

The tests of the “Love research” wished to show the consequences your ideas can have on someone else. Lovers were separated in several rooms, isolated by  steal surfaces.  Both groups  were monitored by EEG. The sender was asked to send a thought with a graphic to the receiver and the results showed a record of identical brain wave patterns. The receivers brain acted like he was viewing the same image at exactly the same time. Lovers who have been meditating confirmed consistent results. The EEGs synchronized perfectly when the couple was in a romantic relationship, siblings or  those who were experienced meditators. When one individual sent an intent to the other person, their brain waves synchronized, regardless of distance. It also showed that training and especially meditation causes better results. It’s been scientifically proven that meditation establishes more coherent brain waves and much more coherent biophoton emissions. Other factors for success of the goal seem to target, the belief that this works well when there is compassion and love for the other. So the next time you think of a person or your beloved one, be well aware that the other subconsciously will receive your ideas.

Tai Chi, Taiji, Martial, Qi Gong, Qigong

Experiment #3:

In Tohate, a mental struggle between two Qigong-Masters, one transmits the intent to knock the other one back by thought only. Researchers pondered on the question if the result of Tohate is internal or physiological. They installed EEGs and tracked their movements while practicing Tohate from different floors of the building (one cannot see the other when he intends to mentally hit him). They documented a rise in Alpha brain waves when the professional directed the Qi energy and the beta brain waves synchronized immediately. The most beautiful thing they recovered, though, was that the recipient signaled  the “ouch”-hit-moment  on a few occasions prior to the sender even throwing a punch. There were numerous  research studies proving that humans get a physical foreboding of danger.

Now that we have pulled science into this idea, let’s use services to help create a vacation. What?!  When was the last time you had time to just sit and daydream without feeling guilty about what you really was supposed to be doing. You don’t get paid to day dream at work. Yet, if you took the time to daydream, you could create the life you desire and deserve.

The best  way I can think of to get you in the mind set of creating a future reality or manifest  the best winter vacation is during an Ionic Detox Foot bath. Most people “veg out” during a foot bath session and come back feeling like they took a vacation. Relaxation is about finding peace where you are and milking the experience for what you desire. Whether you begin the process of creating a winter vacation while in a foot bath or a massage table, start the process.  Your future begins in your mind. I’m just offering a platform to start the ball rolling…

I suggest the Ionic Detox Foot bath Bundle for this very sacred work! The Bundle up package #1 fits perfectly for the work of creating a New Reality

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