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Birth of From Panic to Empowerment

Birth of From Panic to Empowerment

The concept of moving clients from a place of panic to a position of empowerment is a long time coming. I can remember feeling really antsy about how people perceived their experience with me. I made myself completely responsible for their outcome. The truth is, natural medicine: homeopathic, clinical nutrition, detoxification, etc. are only the methods used to bring the body back to balance. As a “Natural health coach”, I cannot make the claim to heal anyone. I only offer recommendations and step back to watch the magic of how the body heals itself. But, you must do your part. Giving your body what it needs and take away what makes it sick is a huge part of your transformation.

What I have discovered is that there is a missing link that blindsides most people and derails their success for better health. Healing is a spirit, mind ,body interconnected experience. You can’t heal your body if your spirit and mind are all messed up. That’s what I came to realize over many nights of looking at files of those who did not appear to get a physical breakthrough. That is the missing component to healing. I can offer recommendations, but you must do that work of self-discovery of your emotions and your belief system. I know you can’t do it alone, nor would you know where to begin. That’s  why the on-line course & book From Panic to Empowerment was born.

The video provided gives the intimate details of why the From Panic to Empowerment in a book and online course form was needed. I believe if we are expected to make  profound shifts in our lives, we need tools and a plan. I offer both!



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