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Calm Ocean Thrashes When Under Stress

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Calm Ocean Thrashes When Under Stress

A Calm Ocean Thrashes Waves When Under Stress

A few weeks ago I was lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of a contemporary jazz CD. My mind wandered as  I sipped on my favorite beverage and I felt my entire being just melt into the chair. My cockapoo at my feet and the faint whisper of the tropical fish tank made the moment just perfect. As I drifted off to my frequent meditation spot (the beach), I could ” hear the seagulls”, “smell the salt air”, “feel the sun on my face”… then crash, boom, wham… the vibration from a huge truck crashed a vase to the floor from the ledge and the dog barked making me spill my beverage. Instantly I was violently transitioned from calm to frantic!

That much needed rejuvenation break turned into a full fledged panic. Adrenalin spiked, blood pressure rose, legs got hot and I was ready to “fight or flight”. That is what happens when we are stressed… Stress creates anxiety, panic, upset stomach and bowel dysfunction. Though a great reaction mechanism for the short run, when activated too often it can cause serious health concerns.
Knowing your stress threshold can get to the root cause of your anxiety, panic, loss of energy, insomnia and overall poor health. Need help? Reach out… Your Healing Place is here.
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