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Cell phone – no signal

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Cell phone – no signal

A cell phone runs on the energy from a cell tower as well as from the power sources of the actual phone. At any given time the phone, even though perfectly charged, can lose its signal, drop a call, or even shut down. Why? Mainly because the phone has lost connection with its power source. When we consider why we eat, we eat to gain power; food is our source. But guess what happens when the food has no nutritional value? We are disconnected from cell communication that speaks to the veins, regulates our heart, or even tells our bodies to fight an internal war called infection. Kinesiology muscle testing can help you determine the food that has the best source of maximum power.  Try it! We use this method to make sure we recommend the right supplements and remedies the first time. No guessing! Just targeted Personalized Power…Get more tips to be Powerful… please “like or share”
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