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We don’t fight, we flow!

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We don’t fight, we flow!

Much is being said about the Laws of Attraction. Keeping a positive attitude, stay in the ” Vortex”, raise your vibration, tap into the subconscious, or access the third eye is what we are hearing these days. Each concept brings about its own perspective from the ” Little Red Book” to the  ” Greatest Secret in The World”. All are a divine orchestration of what the world could be like if we just kept things simple and followed the path of least resistance. Well, Dr. Reid, my life is a mess, everyday I have to fight, you don’t know the half of what I am suffering with, or you can’t understand you are a doctor. … As if my life doesn’t come with its own unique challenges or curves????

Notice I did not say struggles or even elude to the term fight? In today’s society we are fighting everyone and everything. Tell me if we are constantly  fighting when do we take time to rest and rejuvenate for healing? Actually we don’t. And in that state of resistance we can expect  a constant barrage of biochemical reactions that leads to gastrointestinal ills, tight muscles laden with lactic acid that creates soreness, headaches, constipation and lord knows what else. What else?! Isn’t that list ENOUGH already! Yeah, I’d say so. So how about this… What if we changed our mind set from always fighting something to just flowing into higher vibrations. Well duh; how do I do that, when I am just a mess? Try thinking on something that makes you feel good: like… ummm your first good kiss or the smell of a rose, or the first time you laid eyes on your child, or the smell of puppy breath. I don’t know. What ever takes you to that ” happy Place”. Once there stay there, flow into the moment, make decisions in that positive place, set goals from that higher vibration say ” yes” in that moment… Then watch everything  just flow.

Our clients at Your Healing Place are learning that we don’t fight-we flow! Flow into better health choices, lifestyles, momentums of good vibrations. That is what can empower you to get going. Not the fight but the FLOWWWWWWWW

Your Healing Place is accepting new clients that are looking to stop fighting cancer and ready to FLOW into healing. We are not looking to support any idea that you have cancer, you beat cancer or you were just diagnosed with cancer. Our goal is to help YOU, not the cancer thrive. By helping you get into the flow, we can find just how magnificent your body already is. Given the right support what we call cancer can just flow right on out of your mind, your body and your spirit. There, you can claim your highest self to FLOW in complete and divine healing. Dis-ease is just an illusion anyway… Someone told you that you were sick and you believed it because you were ready to fight.

But, your new mantra is ” We don’t fight, we flow”!

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