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Emotional Connections and Physical Health

Spirt, mind, body, health, from panic to empowerment

Emotional Connections and Physical Health

Emotional connections and physical health seem to be the mantra of natural medicine circles. Any one who has ever heard of natural or holistic approaches to health will cut you off in mid sentence to parrot the “mind, body, spirit” connection idea. Some may be able to go into depth about chakra balancing and colors or even emotions that are trapped in body. That group of  “know-it-alls”, can often give an air of superiority that makes us common folk feel like we missed the memo on membership to a secret club. However, there is another group; the ones that feel there is a spirit, mind, body connection to health; but don’t know how it works or even if the information they have been lead to believe is correct.


Where ever you are, on this idea, at this exact moment in time is all that matters. When it is time for you to make a shift, you will be given the opportunity to do so. When you are ready it will  happen. If you are searching for answers, you will find them. If you are reading this; well then we can assume that you are searching and so here you are… finding some answers.


If you are on the fence and have searched for basic truth, maybe you will get clarity here. Let’s start by accepting a simple premise. You ARE a spirit that lives in a body and you have consciousness that allows you to think. There it is… spirit, mind, body!

But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding. Job 32:8

Now that we have that established, let’s gently move to the idea of this article…


When  we consider our emotions we  tend to stick to the basics – negative and positive. Either you are happy or you are sad. That is what you get. But what if we took the idea a step further and asked if I am happy or sad, does that mean my spirit is that way?

“Come on, who thinks like that on a daily basis.”  My spirit, just shouted that…

You see, everything begins in the spirit man.


According to theories of  Classical Chinese Medicine, the spirit “lives” in the heart, the heart houses emotions that transfer into disease of the rest of the body. That may sound complicated, but when you take a step back, these are ideas that we instinctively know. We even explain our physical ills in terms of emotional states. It’s very common to hear someone say… ” I  was really upset, that’s probably why my stomach started to hurt.”


This general ability to calm ourselves in situations that will have an ill  effect on our health goes deeper than we know. What if we could learn to  understand that emotions have energy that gets strapped into specific organs? If we could find those emotions, then we could address dis-ease another way. A more holistic approach. For instance, when does a stomach upset not need “the purple pill”? When you can find that emotionally, you are experiencing : anxiety, despair, disgust, nervousness, grief, low self-esteem. These emotions will cause a physical response. How we respond will decide if we continue down the “rabbit hole” of dis-ease and panic or rise above the ordeal with better clarity and new tools for future episodes.


In my life and the lives of my clients, I have seen this “nightmare” play out over and over. We are so used to only seeing ourselves from the perspective of the physical we only give attention to the physical. Yet, we get frustrated when not only does the body not heal, but we also find ourselves in spiritual and emotional despair.  When I say night mare, I truly mean it! That is the point where most people who seek natural healing begin. They see themselves in a hellish loop of panic and pain and dis-ease. They come running to this side of the fence for relief when nothing else worked!

So how does anyone get a handle on this idea to begin to see health in a different way?

I have created a simple tool that will help you do just that. It’s called the 3Rs Approach to Healing.


Step 1: Reflection 

This step requires you to step back and ask yourself, ” How am I feeling?” By doing so you will gain a glimpse of what is in your heart. Your spirit lies in your heart (emotions). Once identified you can rate the situation that created the feeling or emotional response.

Step 2 : Re-frame

Re-framing is the natural progression of what you are feeling. What you are feeling will dictate your thoughts and vice versa. For instance, if you are feeling sad, it may have been because of a circumstance that caused sadness. But in addition to feeling it, you are repeating the ordeal in your head. You are giving it more teeth; the more you think about it and talk about. Once you have identified the emotion and the circumstance, see if you can think about it in a different way. Re-frame the story…

Step 3: Renew

Renewal is the by-product of telling a different story. One that does not make you feel bad or view the circumstance worse than it really is. When we can do that our bodies relax. Our hearts can be soothed and healing can begin.

Emotional connections to physical health is real. Unfortunately, many seek holistic and natural healing when they are in a very dark place. Needing a quick fix, their resolve to allow the process  of healing to unfold is not available. When this happens many give up: go into a deep depression or worse…


At Your Healing Place we help each client see the value of  establishing a relationship with the spirit, mind  body concept. By doing so we offer a fresh perspective on how to reach personal health goals by getting to the root of the problem. Healing does not have to be complicated when you have the right tools. We offer the 3 Rs Approach to healing tool, taught in a 7 week online course. The concept is also available in book form. From panic to Empowerment: How to stop pain and dis-ease from taking over your life, by connecting spirit, mind and body.


The course and book  From Panic to Empowerment: How to stop pain and dis-ease from taking over your life by connecting spirit, mind and body.

 Want to learn more? Join our Community wellness conference calls check out our events calendar for details.





Larre, Claude; Rooted in Spirit: The Heart of Chinese Medicine, Talman Books, NY 1995




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  • Darcel D. Davenger

    Thank you. I use to be an Adult wounded child. Now I am an Adult aware of my wounds, and my inner child is ageless and can now play without fear of abandonment, shame or guilt. Panic to empowerment’s 3R’s is a step by step Read, Reflect, Reframe approach helped me tremendously.

    Your passion for your patients is outstanding. I can’t wait for your new book named after our course “Panic To Empowerment.”

    We 💘 you.

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