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An extraodinary aquarium


An extraodinary aquarium



In Your Healing Place office there are two fish tank aquariums. The tank in my office is home of two baby Jack Dempsey fish. Believe it or not, the smallest and most unassuming is the bully. In the ” Detox Room” there is a 30 gallon tank that showcases blue and red neon tetras, a few black skirt mollies and a couple of other fish I cannot account for. This is a new hobby (smile). Clients often comment on how beautiful the tank is and how wonderful an addition the tanks are to the office overall decor.

It seems that the aquariums get the most attention when there are in pristine condition after cleaning and removing the algae. The fish seems more alive at that time. Its not  so appealing when green or red algae begins to creep on the side of the glass. Now the process of waste build up does not happen in a day. It is a gradual process that takes a few weeks. If I do general maintenance on a regular basis the extreme algae climb is never seen and it appears that the fish are always in harmony with their environment. But…. Lord help me when I slack off with the cleaning and water filtration; clients report not feeling as refreshed,  the filter makes a weird noise and the intended function of the aquarium turns into an object of disdain. What a  marketing nightmare!

Well hold on. You now have a visual of the aquarium “ick”. Guess what, our bodies are the exact same way. When you are bloated, gassy, experiencing mental fog or irritable; it is time for  clean up – detoxification. Our body filter is the kidneys, and liver. They do other important things too, but for this illustration lets stay focused.  Proper attention to removing toxins from the body insures a more healthy cardiovascular system, circulatory system and elimination system. Not considering a  body clean up could be very costly in time and financial resources. Many chronic illness creep up silently, like algae on the glass of a magnificent aquarium. General maintenance is an easy fix! Allergies are caused by toxic build up, especially gluten sensitivities. Even mental health is compromised when there is a toxic load! Natural medicine is the key for the best comprehensive preventative health care.


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