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Fear- Face Everything And Rise

Fear- Face Everything And Rise


Fear: 4-Letter Word. Noun. Verb.  /’fir/

Side Effect of FEAR: stagnation, mental confusion, loss of opportunity,  indecision, anxiety

Meaning of FEAR:

  • False Evidence    Appearing Real
  • Forget Everything And Run
  • Face Everything And  Rise

Fear… It’s a very mysterious word! We fear a lot of things from not finding the right color shoes for a prom dress to  a  life threatening diagnosis.  Fear is universal and does not discriminate: age, sex, religion, etc.When you look at fear from those extremes, you may feel silly  attributing the word to things that really doesn’t invoke the true sentiment. Yet for some, fear is real for them; whether we think it silly or not. Fear  of rejection can stop you from finding love. Fear of the unknown may stop you from trying new things, which makes for a dull existence. Fear of dis-ease will create more dis-ease. Funny thing about fear… it has energy and what ever you give energy to in the fear, will manifest. So if you spend  emotional energy talking about the fact that you don’t want to get cancer like others  in your family … the faster you will get cancer.

Lets’ explore further what fear does… It cripples your ability to see things from a perspective of strength, because fear makes you weak. The weaker you become; spirit, mind and body the more  the beast takes over. Have you ever noticed that those who are locked in fear are very unhappy, lack luster kind of folks who tend to drag you into their web if you let them. The problem can be contagious!

Fear is so bad, it can work against you like a fierce enemy blocking you from freedom. Fear is what makes people continue taking prescription drugs while their body’s are falling apart. Fear will make an obvious solution to your problem complicated making it impossible for you to see the light. Because fear is so rampant you may be reading this blog fearing that I have a hefty pitch at the end asking you to sell your first born! Yes, fear is real. Yet, so is  hope, love and faith. The more hope, faith and love you have the less room there is for fear.


When it comes to your health do you cling on to every word  your doctors says without questioning statistics, success rates and side effects? Do you take questionable advice or accept a surgery  recommendation with out considering alternatives? Have you asked yourself, why? Why do you do that? Let me give you a hint…

You have been programmed. Programmed to ask your doctor about everything, even the thing that will cause harm. How many commercials have you seen about a magic pill that promises to give you more possible side effects than the original reason for taking it? Because you have been programmed to ask your doctor, you may be shy about asking him about any alternative that he or she does not sanction as viable. Yet, you still trust them; who will continue to poison you.

It’s completely OK to  follow your gut, that is screaming at you to do something different. But…you may be locked in fear; making it impossible to head to your own common sense.

There is hope for you!

Natural medicine, specifically clinical nutrition gives hope! It gives hope because the body is designed to take in nutrients for repair and rebuilding as well as maintaining health. When you take a drug long term, it sucks nutrients out of the body. The more you take the more you will need. But the hope in nutrition says- if you give the body what it needs and take away bad stuff( gluten, prescribed drugs, sugar, nitrates, soy, corn, fried foods, oil, carbonated beverages with a meal, burnt meat)-  your body will heal on its own!  When you give your body 90 essential nutrients every day- it will heal itself and restore itself.

Fearing the unknown of natural medicine, leads to giving up your power the drugs companies are banking on. The more your subscribe to pharmaceutical cover ups, the less healthy you will become and the more likely you will suffer with crazy side effects. However, if you dare to be courageous enough to change your prospective about natural medicine, you will overcome your fears and live a happier and healthy lifestyle. Transforming your perspective about natural medicine will help you find the opportunities hidden within the problems and fears that are currently confronting your reality.

Many people turn to natural medicine as a last resort, mainly after prescribed and conventional medicine has failed them time and time again. By this point, they are fearful, suffering from anxiety and have a number of illnesses as a result of the prescribed drugs – which means it’ll take a while for the natural medicine to do its job. The body is a magnificent machine that can not be rushed. You can’t make a baby grow faster than 9 months? Nope. Yet, we try to rush the body to heal. Taking a prescription drugs creates the illusion of fast healing because you may not feel any more pain or discomfort. But in actuality your receptors are still firing a signal that something is still wrong.

The key to overcoming this roadblock is face everything and rise, leaving the prescribed medicines and old ways of living and eating in the past.

I’m not advocating that you just stop taking your prescribed medication. However, I will admonish you to really evaluate if they are making your life better, or just a contributor to a larger problem. We all know that medications can cause side effects more serious than the original concern.  It’s really unfair to take a drug for the relief of a headache  and potentially contract a rare infection, observe blood in the stool or experience blurred vision. At some level, you must think to your self, “this is crazy.” And, yes, it is. Most people will readily take a prescription  drug and never look at the side effects, yet ask 20 questions about a natural remedy that is a thousand years old.

Are you one of those people? If I have just called you out and described you to the letter. Lets look at why things are this way!

Biological & Emotional Factors:

Fear can be divided into two stages, biochemical and emotional. The biochemical response is universal, while the emotional response is highly individualized. The biochemical reaction leads to the “fight or flight” response.  This response is activated naturally when true life threatening circumstances arise – car accident, physical assault. I\ The biochemical response will activate your adrenal gland. The adrenal cortex regulates salt and water. Pumping extra sodium into the system will give you good stamina. The adrenal medulla makes hormones that  also support fight of  flight  (survival). The stress hormones are Adrenaline, Cortisol and Norepinephrine. This mechanism works perfectly at keeping you out of harms way. Yet, when used too often, it will loose its ability to help you. Instead you get adrenal fatigue, which creates stress and diminishes your ability to respond. Understanding this mechanism of how fear engages  biology- do you really want fear to win? Especially if you are talking about fear of using an alternative method of healing , when you know full well that your current methods are contributing to your decline.

The emotional response of fear thrives on personal reactions, either positive or negative.  Not every one is frightened by a spider. Some are terrified, others are fascinated. From an emotional perspective, fear is based on personal perception. Some fears are even learned behaviors. You can be taught to fear! However, you can over come any fear if you allow yourself to learn new information that will support a new paradigm. A lot of this issue originates from you not trusting your own judgement. That is a learned behavior as well.

I have found that medicine provokes the emotions of fear in sick people, which is  counterproductive to healing. Fear in turn impedes healing. To heal in the fastest, easiest, cheapest way, work through feelings of fear and release them.  At Your Healing Place clients learn to harness the concept of moving From Panic to Empowerment  which helps them release feelings to ensure a pain and dis-ease free lifestyle.

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 Face Everything And Rise



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