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Panic to EmPowerment

Panic to EmPowerment

Panic to EmPowerment: Take a moment, sit quiet and just feel…  What’s there? If you noticed a pain, stiffness or a slight annoyance its OK. That’s what happens when you sit still, you notice things that are just under the surface. When you really feel stuff, even when you are not still, that is a screaming signal that your body is trying to tell you something.

Now that you have been made aware of your body’s attempt to speak with you, what do you do?  First, take another deep breath and don’t panic. That is the usual response to a discomfort of unknown origin. The reason panic is not necessary  is because the unknown can be discovered quickly if you know were to look. Most people don’t “scan” themselves to see where the discomfort originated from, they take pain and discomfort at face value. When is back pain really back pain only? Low back pain can indicate a strain on the muscle from lifting something heavy or weakness in the abdominal muscles. Or, low back pain can have a metaphysical origin. Feelings of being unsupported express themselves in the lower back, but so does a back up in the large intestines.

I know that seems like a lot of guessing, but there is a quick method to figure it out. I call it the 3Rs approach. We have all heard of the mind, body, spirit connection. But do we know what it means. Lets break it down. First, the order is incorrect. You are a spirit that has a mind that resides in a body. No, the spirit as I understand it does not think, yet the tone of the spirit can and does influence thoughts, which can have an affect on the body. Now that we have established order, you can easily see how you can figure out why you aren’t feeling well.

The dis-ease begins in the spirit, then the mind creates stories and the body then expresses it. THAT is the origin of dis-ease and pain; unless, you dropped a brick on your toe and you break it. In that case the origin is something external. However, there are those that believe even those instances were created on a meta physical plane. The next few blog posts will explore the concept of the 3Rs in more depth as it will serve as excerpts from the online course ” From Panic to EmPowerment: How to stop pain and disease from taking over your life by connecting your spirit, mind and body.

Stay tuned for a deeper explanation. Improvements in your health can be close at hand. Or better yet, jump right into learning the system, enroll in the course.

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