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Kaleidoscope Thoughts & Energy

energy kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Thoughts & Energy

Ever wonder how the body creates and looses energy? The fact is, energy is all around us; particles and cells  just bumping into each other at random causing microscopic chain reactions. Those reactions are a dance of cells using, creating, and storing energy. The movements also create sensations, emotions, passions, fears and drives; all of which make us who we are… This ” dance” is driven by nutrients in our food, proper supplementation, pure water and clean air. The “dance” can be hindered if we are bombarded by low vibrations, stress, pollutants  and pain.

When you  woke up this morning you didn’t visualize the intricate connections and reactions your body goes through to keep you alive, give you hope or even be the catalyst to ensure you could think of even reading this page to the end. The internal connections, reactions, burst of energy eventually come to the surface. It either reveals the hidden colorful spectrum of your heart’s love or either comes revealing darkness that eludes to the fact that the brilliance of another kaleidoscope is needed for you to be whole. There is real power knowing we are all connected. Feeling fatigued or  disconnected? Lack energy, drive, vitality? Contact Us today!
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