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Sunshine filled my life

Sunshine, cancer

Sunshine filled my life

“Sunshine, you are my sunshine.You make me happy – when skies are gray.”

While some come through our doors, at Your Healing Place, for simple preventative measures, others arrive seeking help for  seemingly hopeless situations. What ever the reason, one thing is clear. At some point in their lives,  they come to the realization that they are not only a body. They become aware of the fact that they are a spirit dancing with a divine connection.  This happens to all of us. Unfortunately, as soon as we begin to really embrace it, it becomes fleeting and disappears. The sweet memory of the revelation is like a dream that we were sure to remember, but upon waking can not. We all have these moments. They are called deja vu.

When clients come to Your Healing Place, both new and old, we have an honest heart to heart conversation. This part is essential in revealing to my new patients that lifestyle, thoughts, and spiritual awareness (or lack thereof) has crafted their current state. Fortunately, this is the perfect time to adopt natural medicine. When  they are finally able to accept that some things must change, together, we charge full steam ahead making adjustments. Some quickly and easily, others with a bit of resistance, but this is okay! Forming a habit takes at least 21 days so I always tell my clients, “Be gentle with yourself!” All you must do is start your day with a little Sunshine. 

That’s how I began my day, with the thought of sunshine in my heart. My sunshine was my baby sister. She called me “my big sister” as if she had complete ownership of the title. I endearingly called her my baby sister because I was literally a teenager when she was born. She was, my baby sister. The terms of endearment stuck. And so we found ourselves connected through life and death. My sunshine passed away on March 17, 2016 of breast cancer that invaded her whole body. When family would call sounding a bit concerned she’d say, ” I  don’t know why they do that I ‘m going to be fine.” And she is perfectly fine… I have to make the leap into my own “fine- ness”. It’s going to be tough.

So here’s the lesson… natural medicine is best used as a preventative measure to hold chronic di-ease at bay. Once a chronic dis-ease takes hold, it is very difficult to make changes.  A sobering reality is that it takes about 10- 15 years for something like cancer to manifest. That being said, it is NOT wise to assume that you are ok just because you take a once a day vitamin, exercise and eat organic foods. Although these support measures can help all dis ease, even cancer, is the disease of malnutrition. We get calories, but since the food is void of adequate nutrition it is impossible to be healthy if you do not supplement properly and stay away from the 12 bad foods.

Taking your health for grated is way too costly. Most people don’t take their health status for granted exactly, they just don’t know. I introduced my sister to organic food about 6 months prior to her diagnosis. She was very excited about the process of learning new things. She had great success with the Opening Channels Program and Hair Tissue Analysis protocol and could not believe how much better she was feeling. Her chief complaints were headaches and bowel concerns, but her favorite go to foods were Alfredo and chicken nuggets. My sister’s diet was very similar to everyone else in the US, but when she began to see a better way, she became even more fanatical than I ever could be. I thought I had an obsession. WOW, she had it good!

We’d have these wonderful chats about absolutely nothing all day.  Like cooking dinner and telling me every ingredient,”organic peppers, organic chicken, organic spices , organic everything! Then, just before our husbands would get home from work we’d spark a profound conversation.  We’d say, “the husbands are home talk to you tomorrow.”  It was really nice to see her embrace her sense of feeling good. I was proud of her… my baby sister. In spite of all that effort, it was still her time. Only God knows when and how. The best we can do is take care of the one vessel (body) we have, our soul’s temple, and live life with purpose.

My sister lived life on purpose and even during the short time she lived with her diagnosis, she was a trail blazer in spreading the knowledge of natural health with anyone who would listen. She was so good, she even taught me lots about cancer. I sheepishly admit that I did not want to give that dis-ease the amount of energy and attention she did, but I could understand her zeal for learning. She wanted to live, she needed to live… And, she still does. Three days before she passed away, I made sure that she knew that it was OK to let go. She came to me in a dream that I remember very clearly and said, “Big sis, I’m so tired, what should I do?”

My reply, “you will always be my Sunshine.” She smiled, hugged me and said thank you. Then in my dream she faded away.

She passed was St. Patrick’s Day. Even before the official word, I knew. Around 9:25 am I was sitting at my computer when the shade behind me flew up  so fast and hard, I almost fell out of my seat. I calmed myself and saw the sun shining brightly through my window, knowing that was my special good-bye.



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  • Deidre Young

    I am so sorry for your lost. You and the entire family are in my prayers.

  • Dr. Reid,

    My heart goes out to your and your family. Reading your post, I can feel like your sister was truly a special and unique soul while living on earth. We will continue to pray for you all during these coming days. Know that we share in your grief.

    May God strengthen you and keep you in His unconditional love.

    Hope to reconnect with you soon.

    Victoria Davidson
    Founder and President Loving Me As Is

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