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Your mind is an extension of your body

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Your mind is an extension of your body

 As sacred as the body is, one would think that there is reverence and care taken by modern medicine to ensure we as a fellow human beings would be given the best care to maintain and sustain life. Not! In fact modern medicine can be seen as the biggest assault on the health of the human organism in the history of mankind. No one has to dig deep to see how drug and pharmaceutical drugs create more illness than benefits. When it comes to mental health we have been offered even more erroneous information than ever before.

Working with trace elements I have seen first hand how poor diet and stressful lifestyles have contributed to mental health issues. Once identified, trace elements have the potential to improve mental health even more profoundly than any psychotropic drug. Fact  “:… there is no scientific evidence that one has a  mental disease, there is NO clear test to identify mental disease. Toxicity outweighs the benefits” ( Dr. Colin Ross). Therefore, prescribed drugs cannot  be accurately prescribed to treat symptoms of mental health. At best the psychiatric world of medicine is victim to the marketing ploys of  “big pharma” as other medical disciplines. Pharmaceutical companies gain more wealth, the average consumer of such drugs is tangled in a cycle of fear and despair; especially when told that mental health drugs are a life long ball and chain, even when many feel that they are finding little relief. With that realization, wouldn’t it be more healthy to investigate alternatives.

Your Healing Place “Tools of Healing” includes a Hair Tissue Analysis ( Trace Elements Laboratory). This test identifies not only  mineral imbalance, but also toxic exposure which also creates challenges for mental health.
Scientific research has determined that: 

Low Calcium:

Emotionally unstable, irritable, hyperkinetic behaviors, short tempered, tense, unable to slow down, extroverted.

High Calcium:
Rigid, withdrawn, calcium shell, introverted, sluggish, insensitive, diminished awareness.

Low Copper:
Diminished emotional response.

High Copper:     Effeminate, weak, sentimental, childish, fears, depressed, extreme emotions, schizophrenic syndrome, violence, premenstrual syndrome, postpartum psychosis.

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