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Obesity =Mineral Deficiency

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Obesity =Mineral Deficiency

Obesity… You’re Not Greedy, You’re Mineral Deficient!



noun: obesity

  1. A condition characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body

“the problem of obesity among children”

synonyms: fatness, stoutness, portliness, plump, chubbiness, rotundity, flabbiness, grossness
antonyms: thin, scrawny, skinny,  underweight


The human body needs 90 essential nutrients to function properly, maintain health and repair. Essential nutrients are divided into 60 minerals, 16 Vitamins, 12 Amino Acids and 3 Essential Fatty Acid.  A balanced diet CAN NOT provide all of the essential minerals. The major minerals we need in our body are, sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sulfur. Each of these major minerals are  NOT contained in foods in the proper amounts. Even the ” four food groups” cannot supply adequate nutrition. The reason why this is NOT possible is because the soil that food is grown in is denatured and completely void of minerals. Yes… you heard that correctly! The foods that you eat have NO nutritional value. That is equally true for organic foods as well.

Why? Farming practice over the years has stripped the soil of most of its nutrients, but have attempted to save the crops using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. So you can imagine the changes that has occurred with the food grown in that soil and how it has effected YOU!

If the food is truly organic, it will be certified to be so, yet it has little additional nutrients; it’s just cleaner. Meaning- less, or no pesticides, hormones or artificial ingredients. That does not mean additional nutritional value.

Studies show that over 95% of US citizens, eating common American foods are not receiving essential nutrients – that same study shows that 65% of those same individuals gain the most weight! In order to combat obesity, we must consume 90 essential nutrients daily. While many people are aware that excessive eating is a leading factor of obesity, few understand our bodies’ thirst and rage for minerals. When your body does not receive the essential minerals you need, you unconsciously consume more calories every day and still remain unhealthy and obese. You’re not greedy, you’re mineral deficient! By simply consuming the 90 essential minerals  your body depends on daily, not only will your health improve – but you will lose weight with ease!

Vitamins and minerals are essential for normal body function, maintenance, and metabolism. Since the human body cannot produce minerals nor get the proper amount from foods, it must be consumed from  supplemental sources. You’re “greed” is not caused because you are obese, it is caused by inadequacy of nutrients and deficiency of 90 essential nutrients.


HINT: When you are Hungry, your brain is signaling for nutrition!

When you eat anything and not take 90 essential nutrients you are mostly getting calories. Calories make you FAT!

Lack of 90 essential  nutrients reminds us of this simple equation:

Cravings + Fatigue + Slow Metabolism = Nutrient Deficiency = Mineral Efficiency = Unwanted and Progressive Weight Gain

To avoid unwanted and progressive weight gain, follow these simple steps for a healthier lifestyle:

  • Step 1: Eat Wisely ( avoid the 12 bad foods) Learn more at the event!
  • Step 2: Supplement Daily  ( YOU MUST GET 90 Essential Nutrients)
  • Step 3: Schedule Free 15 Minute Phone Consult

Remember, You’re Not Greedy, You’re Mineral Deficient!

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 You’re Not Greedy, You’re Mineral Deficient!

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