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An onion that has many layers

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An onion that has many layers

onionA few years ago I was approached by a naval officer who expressed a desire to be healthy. At first glance, it was apparent that this gentleman was ” healthy”. He looked fit, well groomed, had broad shoulders, sparkling eyes and a wining smile. I agreed to take him through the Initial Consult which included the NanoSRT and Hair Tissue Analysis. After obtaining the NanoSRT results, which are immediate, it became apparent that this naval officer was right on target with a desire to be healthy. Upon review, we discovered through the bio feedback of the NanoSRT that he had stress of various organs including his kidneys. His body was like an onion, we had to peel it apart to view its layer.s

Looking further into his biochemistry, I also saw that he had very high arsenic levels. When I shared the findings he was relieved and saddened at the same time. He was recently discharged from the Navy due to kidney dysfunction and he needed to begin dialysis treatments. The amazing revelation was the actual cause of his illness.  On the Naval ship he reported daily use of rat poison to combat the rodent infestation on the ship. Inhaling small amounts of the toxins over several years compromised his kidney function resulting in the diagnosis of Kidney failure. Up until his visit at Your Healing Place, no one could tell him why.

At first glance the proud officer appeared the “picture of health”. After his initial consult we peeled apart the onion layers of his body to discover that in the center of his dreams to become a career officer laid the secret of his illness and the demise of his life’s plan. After completing a mineral chelation program to remove the arsenic from his body and re-balance his system, he reported that his dialysis treatments had been reduced from four times per week down to only one day per week. He and his wife have since moved down south to start a business, understanding that once you remove the “brown” spots from the onion there remains many useful layers left.

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