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The Perfect Blue Dress

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The Perfect Blue Dress

Trying to come up with analogies for the body can be mind bending. The intricacies are as complicated as the mind of a woman trying to figure out the rhyme and reason for why she loves cobalt blue and baby blue for a party dress.  The concept of good health is as complex… Makes me think of body, mind, spirit connection… Hint for next blog? “Your mind is like”…

Fortunately, the bloopers of declining health may not be as apparent as falling off the cat walk while thousands watch and laugh as you shrink in horror from embarrassment. Poor health can be embarrassing as well.

Curious about natural medicine?  Get off of the hamster wheel of pain and dis-ease. Take the course to move you from Panic to EmPowerment. Being definitive about your health is less time consuming than figuring out what to wear.


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