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The Power of Analogies

The Power of Analogies

Natural medicine is a foreign concept to many. Often times when a new client arrives for a follow up visit I use analogies to help then understand what I am trying to say. The correlation between old medical jargon that totally leaves one not wanting to ask questions for fear of looking unlearned and offering information that makes sense can be a challenge. After a Nano Srt or Zyto Scan both client and I are left looking up at the ceiling to see if the right words will come down from on high to clarify what was delivered in the beautifully colored report. That’s when my “naturalistic explanation angel” comes down and deposits the exact words I need to make it all  clear. So with out further adieu, here is one that comes to mind.

When a client has a nagging pain in the chest and it reveals that the heart stress levels are balanced, we can use the tire analogy. For instance, you can have a brand new tire, but if it has a nail in it and goes flat that does not mean that the tire is bad; it just means that the tire was impacted by something else to cause a malfunction! This analogy is used often when we scan and find that an organ is fine, even though fear tells you otherwise. We often assume  a lot about  the origins of our illness and self medicate on the premise of the assumption. Many, many times, the assumption is WRONG.

My advice, stop assuming! Make an appointment to visit Your Healing Place. I can always create your personalized analogy for what ever we see to help you understand the truth about your health… no assumptions  required!

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