"Natural remedies that uncover your hidden healing potential."


What To Expect

Your Comprehensive Consult visit will entail a fact finding mission to reveal underlying causes of your discomfort.

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Hair Tissue Analysis

The excess or deficiency of trace minerals in the body is the source of declining health. The status of your trace minerals can be examined through Hair Mineral Analysis. The process is as simple as submitting a hair sample.

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A homeopathic remedy is simply a dilution of one or several plants, minerals, or animal substances. These substances are diluted until very little of the original substance remains.

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Detoxification Programs

There are toxins in the air, water, food, in the form of pesticides, preservatives and even food coloring. Our cells create toxic waste which our bodies accumulate when we are unable to properly eliminate such waste and toxins.

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Electronic Testing

Being on the cutting edge of natural medicine is how we are able to take the best care of our clients.

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Virtual Services

Your Healing Place is always on the cutting edge of technology and service.

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Pick your Best Plan

The one that fits your cost and needs
Detoxification Program
  • 3 Ionic Detox foot baths
  • Herbal beverage
  • Evaluation of detox material
  • Hair Tissue Analysis
  • Zyto Scan
Comprehensive Consult w/ Hair Tissue Analysis
  • 90 min Consult
  • Nano SRT Scan & Treatment
  • Zyto Scan
  • Hair Tissue Analysis
Comprehensive Consult w/ Detox
  • 90 min Consult
  • Nano SRT Scan & Treatment
  • Zyto Scan
  • Opening Channels Program
Premium Detoxifcation Program
      • Initial Detoxification Questionnaire and Consult
      • (4) 30 min Ionic Detox Foot baths
      • (4) 20 min Reflexology Sessions
      • (1) Opening Channels Pack with Carrying case~ Remedies to help detoxify, tone and support the body’s healing process during the 30day toxin elimination process.

~ReHydration (2 oz.) ~AminoGest (180 capsules) ~Catalyst-7 (180 capsules) ~Colon Clear & Pure Body Set w/ manual ~Flora Synergy (150 capsules) ~SpectraMin (2 oz.)

  • Rife Frequencies/ Vibrational Healing sessions ~ (2) 15 min coaching sessions ~ Detoxification e – Workbook ~ (2) 100 Pt Nano Scans



Other Services

Office Visit

An office visit is reserved for HTA reviews, Zyto Scan and Nano SRT follow ups. However, new clients can now schedule an office visit to get a preliminary feel for what natural medicine has to offer. On most occasions the “Initial Consult” is the best option for a comprehensive over view of your health concerns, yet we offer the “office visit to those who would like to go slow. After all, this is “Your Healing Place”! We exist to help you reach your health goals… mind, body & spirit!

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Intial Virtual Office Visit & Zyto Hand Cradle Purchase

Zyto Hand Cradle purchase includes the cost of your initial virtual office visit, plus S&H.

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Pet Hair Tissue Analysis

PROFILE 10 (Canine)

Hair Tissue Analysis is a very significant assessment tool used to determine illness and potential chronic diseases. This service is also available for even the smallest most adorable part of your family dogs.

Multi-Element Assay (32 Elements) of the Hair

One copy of the test results (graphic illustration of levels and ratios). Individualized supplement recommendations based solely upon the hair mineral patterns found.

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FREE Nano 100 pt scan

FREE Nano 100 pt scan Shows stress on organ and all systems from Acidity of body to Skin. Find out how you are doing. Then set some goals for a better you.

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HTA Review via Phone

Your level of care is right in target! Virtual appointments are easy, convenient and more personal than ever. One on one conversation uninterrupted to give you all the time needed to answer your question and get you on track fast! No travel time required. All reports are emailed to you prior to your visit for your review so we can look at your results as we speak. Lets get started!

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Ionic Detox Foot Bath
  • Ionic Detox foot bath
  • Herbal beverage
  • Evaluation¬† of detox materia
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