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Detoxification Programs


There are toxins in the air, water, food, in the form of pesticides, preservatives and even food coloring. Our cells create toxic waste which our bodies accumulate when we are unable to properly eliminate such waste and toxins. At Your Healing Place we strive to provide the best options for true healing by sharing with clients the understanding of how the body heals.

If given what it needs, the body will heal itself. The body can also be reminded to do what it was meant to do when offered proper nutrients. The body will also heal itself of many chronic and acute illnesses if given every opportunity to drain and detoxify. For that reason we offer the full detoxification program.

Reasons to detoxify your body:

  • Prevents build-up of toxins that can cause stress in your body
  • Helps ward off the need for a Flu shot, which is very toxic
  • Reduces the chance of carcinogens lingering in the body to potentially grow into malignancies
  • Improves energy production and reduces stress on organs
  • Ensures absorption of nutrients via supplements and quality food
  • Supports strong immune health

 The Detox Programs

Ionic Detox Foot baths

The Mini Detox Program

Premium Detox Program

 The Opening Channels Program