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The Mini Detox Program

The Mini Detox Program

The mini detox program offers a unique opportunity for those who prefer a more hands on approach to the detox process. But, may not be ready for the intensity of the Premium Detox Program. Many try to detox on their own using green drinks, smoothies and shakes. Those resources have their place. But true detoxification should be monitored for safety as well as results. Results of more energy, less bloating and increased bowel function can be obtained in other ways. Yet,the unique feature of the personal support is like having a “coach” right by your side to not only encourage you along the way, but test systems for progress and be able to determine if things should slow down.

Detoxification is a very individualized process. It makes sense to have a support system that helps you see the benefits before they actually happen.

 The Mini Detox Program:

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