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Premium Detox Program

Premium Detox Program

This is a “Premium” Service designed for fast results. This comprehensive program delivers substance, proven products and services that helps you reach your deepest detoxification goals. Cleansing the organs to remove toxins is just a small part of true Detoxification. Go Premium. Get Results!

You can be a winner at anything when you have enough energy. Detoxification allows the  body to release toxins to absorb nutrients. When a body is well  nourished it can perform at the highest level. Getting the old out to embrace the new is cliche’. But is has a place in the healing process. Proper detoxification takes pressure  and stress off of every organ system so you can recharge your body for a new life of healing and good health.

You are a Winner…



Initial Detoxification Questionnaire and Consult ~ 75 min Office Visit

~ (4) 30 min Ionic Detox Foot baths/ 20 min Reflexology Sessions ~ Office Visit

~ (1) Opening Channels Pack with Carrying case~ Remedies to help detoxify, tone and support the body’s healing process during the 45 day toxin elimination process.

ReHydration (2 oz.)
AminoGest (180 capsules)
Catalyst-7 (180 capsules)
Colon Clear & Pure Body Set w/ manual
Flora Synergy (150 capsules)
SpectraMin (2 oz.)

~ Rife Frequencies/ Vibrational Healing Sessions ~ Home Study Videos
~ (2) 60 min coaching sessions ~ Phone Coaching
~ Detoxification E-Workbook ~  Home Study
~ (2) 100 Pt Nano Scans ~ Office Visit

~ (2) Zyto Scans ~ Office Visit

NOTE: Individual office appointments will be scheduled to complete 45 day program

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