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Nano SRT

NanoSRT Wellness SystemNanoSRT-comprehensive

“It’s like a complete physical, but better.”~K. Jones

“It saw my impacted tooth and my old shoulder injury.”~  S. Brockington


Being on the cutting edge of natural medicine is how we are able to take the best care of our clients. Adding the NanoSRT stress reduction system offers the best in energy medicine, reducing the need for prescription drugs. The NanoSRT Wellness System is both an assessment and therapeutic tool that helps us to:

The NanoSRT Wellness System is an assessment and a therapeutic process that

  • Identifies stressors, or substances causing stress in the body
  • Corrects the body’s responses to those stressors; as a result, future exposure to those substances will no longer cause stress

” I was blown away my exposure to viruses was worse than I thought,

I felt better after the first scan!”~L. Holt


 The NanoSRT also identifies

  • Organ stress/weakness in the thyroid, heart, liver, brain, and kidney
  • Viruses, mycoplasmic infection. bacteria, parasites, fungi, and molds (we can identify the exact microbe)
  • Food sensitivities
  • Exposure to pesticides, mycotoxins, geopathic stress, and radiation

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