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A homeopathic remedy is simply a dilution of one or several plants, minerals, or animal substances. These substances are diluted until very little of the original substance remains. It is important to note that in homeopathy, the energetic signal, rather than the substance, is considered to have the healing effect. Remarkably, the weakest dilutions are considered to be the most potent, as they are designed to work at a deep cellular level.  I choose the proper homeopathic based on the level of stress found (on organs and organs systems) using the ZYTO.

Categories of Homeopathics include:

  • Nosode Detoxifiers: Encourage the release of toxins from deep within the cells.
  • Drainage & Tonification Remedies: Drain and tone the organs, glands, and tissues.
  • Sarcodes: Supply the body with a blueprint of healthy tissue from which to rebuild.
  • Flower Essences: Based on the research of Dr. Edward Bach, these remedies promote emotional stability, balance and renewal.
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