"Natural remedies that uncover your hidden healing potential."

Starting Point: What To Expect


The starting point to any healing strategy is the most important bit of information you’ll need. Your success should have a definite plan. This comprehensive consult with detox program puts you on the path with confidence that you can get the results you need.

If you’re wondering what to expect from your comprehensive consult with detox, continue reading for the details. Your Comprehensive Consult visit will entail a fact finding mission to reveal underlying causes of your discomfort. We do that by having an extensive conversation with you. You get to “tell your story.” This conversation reveals things about your health that you may not be aware of. Most often you assume your illness or dis-ease is generated from some place outside yourself.

It is… And it is also from a place that you may not be aware of; your spiritual, mental and physical lifestyle all play a part. During your Comprehensive Consult we open doors to thoughts and feelings you did not realize had the potential to create your gastro-intestinal problem, throat soreness or pain in your hip,etc. Together, we discover that your physical dis-ease is a manifestation of many areas of your life. Working on Spirit, Mind and Body concerns as a unit is how we achieve wellness.

The 3 Step Healing Strategy
Pain and dis-ease is brought about by the systematic breakdown of body systems as a direct result of being over stressed. Identifying and addressing the stress is the key to optimal health. We do that by using 3 powerful tools.

BioScan SRT: The Bioscan SRT helps to identify substances that causes stress on the body. It also balances the body’s responses so that future exposure to those stressors can no longer cause a reaction see the video.
Bio SRT Protocol (requires 5 treatment sessions)
1. Initial scan & frequency treatment is complete at time of your Comprehensive Consult
2. Scan 2 – 5 is necessary to help get to the ”root cause” of health concerns. “Peeling away the onion” of the various layers of issues is achieved through using the NanoSRT bio feedback system and its specific protocols for Day #1 – Day#5.
3. BioScanSRT sessions can be drawn out over 5 to 8 weeks.
4. If additional sessions are needed there will be 2 FREE sessions added to the schedule

Zyto Scan
The Zyto Scan determines biological preference for services based or organ stress. This phenomenal device can also be purchased so you can be scanned virtually from the comforts of your own home or office. The Zyto scan takes the guess work out of deciding what the body needs to be well. The body tells us! Therefore, any investment in homeopathics, trace minerals or botanical is based on a true need, not an educated guess.

Step #3:
Opening Channels Detoxification Program
The Opening Channels program is a foundational support program that gets the body primed for maximum healing potential in two ways;
1. Offers healing through trace minerals, probiotics, enzymes, colon & total body cleansing and re-hydration remedy, that helps the cells communicate.
2. Opens the elimination organs to release toxins from the body gently in preparation for healing. The program can be done every season for optimal health
Ionic Detox Foot Baths are part of a comprehensive follow up program and are complimentary during the Hair Tissue Analysis review.
Follow Up Visits are a part of the program of restoration and maintenance. It is very important to keep up with your follow up schedule. Each clients schedule is an individualized plan based on healing strategy and personal goals. Therefore, it is wise to follow your own “Blue Print for Healing” to maximize your healing potential to get the most out of your investment.

Each new client is encouraged to enroll in the on line course From Panic to Empowerment: How to stop pain and dis-ease from taking over your life by connecting spirit mind and body. For more information get the free report [30 day plan to a panic free life in 3 easy steps] here.

“We have partnered with you on this amazing journey of healing. Therefore there is ample contact and feedback from Your Healing Place team to make sure you are making progress on your program. This is a very personalized program. We will make every effort to ensure your health goals can be achieved. For the best results you may receive a recommendation for: Homeopathics, Medical foods (protein powder), Traditional Chinese Medicine, detoxification programs, and life style coaching, etc using the Zyto Scan. We will also provide resources and referral information for other types of practitioners as needed. I work with each client personally to build a solid relationship based on mutual respect and earned trust” . ~ Dr. Stephanie Reid