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Many great ideas have turned into major organizations that have changed the world for the better. Often times it begins with a dream that turns into a passion that one realizes is the purpose for being. Your Healing Place evolved from that place of passion; then realized purpose of Stephanie Reid, ND. Over the years she has fine tuned the concept of the delivery of natural health care. Everyone who comes to know her understands that this “grand idea” was never about a “job”, but about truly helping people in a way that they deserve. For that reason Your Healing Place is always on the cutting edge of technology and service.

To be honest, since change is the only thing certain in life; you can expect Your Healing Place to change with the times. So what’s on the horizon for Your Healing Place in the near future? Your Healing Place now offers Virtual Appointments! A virtual appointment is exactly what you think it is… You can get scanned for biological preference using the Zyto Scan from  the comforts of your own home. You will chat with Dr. Reid during the virtual visit and review your results together without ever having to leave your home again.

Remember those times you were forced to cancel a much needed visit due to winter snow storms or vacations away? That must have felt like you would never get well, especially if you were at the mercy of dreaded over the counter meds or worse yet a prescription you really didn’t want!  Well, no more of that is necessary when you take advantage of the  Virtual office visit, when you purchase you very own Zyto hand cradle.



6 reasons why you should get a ZYTO Biocommunication scan

Here are 6 reasons why it is a good idea to regular ZYTO scans.

  1. Insight into your health.
    ZYTO reports provide you with information that may you identify individual needs and nutritional or clinical assistance that will help you. Identifying items to which you have an unusual response gives you and your healthcare practitioner insight about health-related conditions that may be keeping you from functioning at a balanced state.
  2. Identify your biological preference for nutrition.
    Does one size fit all when it comes to healthcare? Of course not!! ZYTO scans identify which products your body shows the most favorable response, we call it your unique biological preference. Biocommunication results provide you with personalized information to help you identify the products and supplements that will work best for you.
  3. Save Money.
    Many people purchase nutritional supplements and then try them to see if they will work. Choosing supplements in this way is like purchasing lottery tickets and hoping you will win. ZYTO Biocommunication scans help you identify products for which your body shows a biological preference. This information helps you purchase with confidence. Your ZYTO scan can help you make informed purchasing decisions.
  4. Increase Energy.
    Your body consumes its available resources in its effort to maintain a healthy balance. When your body uses those resources to deal with life’s extra challenges, like fighting a cold, you will have less energy to perform your day-to-day physical activities. ZYTO helps you identify the additional support your body may need to maintain that balance and keep your energy levels high. By providing your body that extra help when it is needed, you’re more likely to address issues while they are small, leaving you with more energy for your friends and family.
  5. Track your Health.
    ZYTO Biocommunication scans give you information ‘in the moment.’ But tracking your scans over time may indicate trends, or chronic issues that you’ll want to pay particular attention to. Keeping track of your past can help you predict the future, and reviewing your past Biocommunication reports gives you essentially a look back through time. The more you know about how your body is impacted by factors like seasons of the year, stress, and aging, the more likely you are to make wise choices about your health.
  6. Verbal Communication has limitations.
    Have you ever asked a sick toddler or a child with autism how they are feeling? Even for adults, using words to explain how you feel can be a challenge. Biocommunication opens up an entirely new communication channel with your body. By supplementing our verbal communication with ZYTO Biocommunication, a second perspective is established that can provide helpful insights and information about your health.

Ask us to help you choose which ZYTO Biocommunication scan is right for you.

Get your Personal Hand Cradle Today

Let ZYTO help you get more out of life!


How It Works

  • Order your Zyto Hand Plate from our online store ($355) which also includes S&H and 1st remote office visit
  • Follow instructions on how to set it up. Connects to USB port of laptop, PC
  • The day of your appointment you will log on at least 30 minutes early to ensure that it works
  • Once online you will connect with DrReid and be able to chat with her, view your report in real times as if you were actually in the office; getting feedback about the results and a plan of action for feeling better
  • Your Zyto report will show which Homeopathic Remedies your body indicates that it needs as well as biological preference for services as HTA, Ionic Detox, massage, etc.
  • You will be able to order your homeopathics online
  • Once you receive your homeopathics we suggest you schedule a virtual office visit  after six weeks to get an update on your health status
  • The office visits after you purchase your Zyto Hand Plate will be $110 for you and any family member or friend that wants  to experience the benefits of a Zyto Scan with DrReid
  • For every referral you will receive $10 off of your next Remote Office Visit!


  • Convenient
  • Cost Effective: Saves on time and gas
  • Flexibility: Can be used during vacation or anytime you are not feeling well
  • Transferable: Can be used for the whole family
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • It ensures you get the proper remedies for your personal needs
  • It is one of the best ways to stay healthy using Biological Preferences
  • It keeps you connected with YHP even when you cannot make it to the office



Hair Tissue Analysis is also a virtual services option.

(Hair Tissue Analysis Marathon)

Ask your insurance company about HTA reimbursement.

Reference the codes: ( 830.15 Heavy Metals/ 84.999 Elements)