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Bundle Up Service Program

bundle up program

Bundle Up Service Program


The Bundle Up experience offers several comprehensive services during a single visit. Please book using the  convenient scheduling system. Make sure  to choose “Bundle Up Service” when booking your appointment. This visit will last for 2 hrs. Appointment time cannot be extended if you arrive late for your appointment. All services will be conducted on the same day.*

*Hair tissue analysis bundle service will be scheduled in two separate sessions. There is a two week wait time for test results. You will be notified via email and phone when test arrives.


It’s time! Time to explore the benefits of natural healing without feeling like your budget won’t allow it. If the idea of starting a natural health regimen has been watered down by the investment, maybe its a good idea to consider a ” Bundle Up Service Program.” Each service focuses on core ideas of healing. Your health is dependent on detoxification, proper supplementation; spirit, mind, body connections and coaching. With these Bundle Up Service options you can have it all.

Get a few of your favorite services in one visit for one price.  No need to cherry pick what you need when you need a few services at once. Saves time, energy and money when you can get what you need when you need it. Healing is a delicate process that needs time and attention. Using a “bundle Service” gives you the opportunity to address your body’s complex needs in a systematic way. Detoxification, rejuvenation, improved health can all be achieved using these methods. Try one. Share the opportunity with a friend. Checkout the Hair Tissue Analysis Q&A


Program #1 Mini Detox Program

Program #2 Mineral Check Up & Detox

 Program #3 Stress Reduction & Detox

Program #4 Mineral Check up & Life coaching session

Program #5 Mineral Check up & Zyto Scan

  • Hair Tissue Analysis Lab fee (only)
  • Zyto Scan
  • Ionic Detox Foot Bath





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