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Comprehensive Consult With Detox

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Comprehensive Consult With Detox





This is the Starting Point  for New  Clients

Comprehensive Consult with detox office visit is the starting point on your road to wellness. The point of the comprehensive consult is to get to the root of your problem, figure out what caused it and offer the best solution to help the body heal itself. We get to the root of the problem by having a candid conversation with you. Asking the right questions helps us get to the true meaning of your discomfort. You get to “tell your story”. This conversation reveals things about your health that you may not be aware of. Most often we assume our illness or dis-ease is generated from some place outside ourselves.

It is… And it is also from a place that you may not be aware of; your spiritual, mental and physical lifestyle all play a part. The Comprehensive Consult  open doors to thoughts and feelings you did not realize had the potential to create your gastro intestinal problem, throat soreness or pain in your hip,etc. Together, we discover that your physical dis-ease is a manifestation of many areas of your life. Working on Spirit, Mind and Body concerns as a unit is how we achieve wellness.

A comprehensive consult with detox is the starting point for all new clients. The comprehensive consult with detox  shows you how natural healing can be achieved for you. Is your stress causing your health to decline? Are you experiencing acid re-flux, joint pain, swelling or insomnia?We can find those stressors by testing.  Those findings include everything from emotions to bacteria, circulatory system to the heart, and everything in between.

Maybe you  were exposed to a chemical, fungus or food additives. We can find out just how much stress that exposure has caused your body by testing with the NanoSrt and the Zyto Scan. Toxins are removed from the body by using the Opening Channels Program.  The program removes toxins, and nourish the body, while promoting improved digestion with probiotic and enzymes.The comprehensive consult with detox sets the stage for you to heal like never before. Giving you what your body needs and removing what is doesn’t is how the body naturally heals. We just make the process easier.

This service provides the best opportunity to jump start your healing to include  initial consult, testing and discounted detox program $58.80. Savings on Opening Channels Detox

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