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Hair Follicle Test kit

hair follicle test kit

Hair Follicle Test kit



Hair Follicle Test kit

A hair follicle test kit pays for the Hair Tissue Analysis test that shows  how to overcome thyroid disease and other illness by creating a healthy diet to promote healthy eating. The body needs minerals and vitamins to stay  strong. The hair follicle test kit results is very accurate in detecting thyroid disease and is more accurate than a blood thyroid test. All of the nutrients you hope to get from nutritious food may not be getting into your body at all. Missing nutrients makes  your organs break down. The hair follicle test kit results offers true nutritional data about your health the shows deficiencies and toxic levels of not only nutritional elements, but also heavy metals that can cause memory loss, depression, mood swings  and even cancer.

The Hair follicle test kit results shows trends in your health that alerts you of any potential harm to the body if the deficiencies are not address. Giving you a personalized supplement programs is how you get well. No ore guessing about what nutritional plan is right for you. The lab does it for you

Lab kit includes everything you need to send hair for a comprehensive mineral evaluation.

Results return in about 2 weeks and requires an 1  phone consult, or in office  visit with Dr. Reid. Consult explains in complete detail findings and course of action for your better health.
Return Report includes:
~ a Full color Lab report
~ Mineral Imbalances
~ Toxic Exposure to lead, arsenic, Aluminum,…more

~ Personalized mineral plan
~ Health tendencies of common aliments ie, Dermatitis, gastritis, insomnia, etc
~ Personalized Diet plan based on Metabolic type
~ Organ Health based on mineral ratios and
~ Emotional tendencies driven by mineral imbalance
Upon of arrival of results you will be sent an email regarding scheduling follow up  to review the finding. ( requires office visit fee)

Hair Tissue Analysis Kit includes:
  • Specimen Envelope
  • Lab sheet ~Self addressed stamped  return envelope
  • Welcome packet





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