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Hair Tissue Analysis Bundle

Hair Tissue Analysis Bundle



Hair Tissue Analysis  Bundle

Hair Tissue Analysis Lab kit includes everything you need to send hair to Trace Elements Lab for a comprehensive mineral evaluation. Traditionally the lab fee and office visit are billed separately. For your convenience, these two services are bundled together to maximize the benefit of your results in less time.  The office visit includes complimentary electronic Reflexology session to enhance the healing potential. What’s found in a hair tissue analysis may shock you. However, it is one of the best ways to determine how minerals are playing a part in your overall well-being. Are your tired all the time but still taking a multi vitamin? If the answer is yes, then you may have a problem absorbing your nutrients. How would you know for sure?  The  hair tissue analysis bundle delivers that information to you in a comprehensive reports and reviewed with you so you can get the most out of this unique process.

Results return in about two weeks and requires a 1-hour teleconference or office visit.  The consult explains in complete detail findings and course of action for your better health. The winter season is here! We can get you ready for ANY goal you’ve set  for yourself. Don’t have a goal?  The best way to accurately create a goal is to know where you are. The Hair Tissue Analysis test does exactly what you need; sets the base line for your  current nutritional status so you know exactly what you need to reach peak performance and optimal health.


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Return Report includes:
~ a Full-color Lab report
~ Mineral Imbalances
~ Toxic Exposure to lead, arsenic, Aluminum and more.
~ Health tendencies of common ailments, i.e., Dermatitis, gastritis, insomnia, etc
~ Personalized Diet plan based on Metabolic type
~ Organ Health based on mineral ratios and
~ Emotional tendencies driven by mineral imbalance
~ Personalized mineral profile.

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