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Office Visit On Line Scheduling

Office Visit On Line Scheduling





An office visit gives you an opportunity to get back to the basics. During that time, we evaluate progress you’ve made on your personal health plan, and discuss how to move you closer to your goals within a reasonable time frame. We can’t rush the body in the healing process, but we can give the body what it needs to promote the healing potential of the body. If more than three months have passed since your last visit, there will be many aspects of your health to review. Your body changes a lot in 90 days and if those changes did not include proper nutrition, balanced diet, stress monitoring, and relaxation; you could expect to have some challenges.

This appointment can be used for either the Nano or Zyto scan follow-ups and Hair Tissue Analysis Review.


During the office visit, there can be a lot to do. Recapping past appointments to make sure recommendations were followed, sets the stage for moving forward. During the office visit we strive to move the client to the next phase of healing.

 Get a jump on your New years resolution!

 Discover what your Zyto Scan says to maximize your no-other-centerhealing potential


You can also use this time to get a 65 min Massage!





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