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Think PINK is a Health Hazard!

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Think PINK is a Health Hazard!

In the quest to create balance in our lives, we reach for things that make us feel like we are “doing the right thing” for our health. Over the past 60 years we have been trying to do what ever we can to make sure that the big “C” does not land at our door. Here at Your Healing Place, we call cancer the Big C; we don’t even use the word, because we understand that the word cancer is just a description of symptoms. Giving those symptoms a name gives the DIS-EASE way too much energy. We’d like to minimize the impact right?! Not magnify it.

As we close the Month of “Pink”, I could not help but have mixed emotions about all the apparent support for the “Cure”.  I felt ill at the same time realizing that so many advertisers were subliminally promoting cancer? Did you say PROMOTING cancer?! Yes I did. Let me explain; pink bottles of 5 Hour Energy drink, pink buckets of KFC, pink ribbon Panera muffins for breakfast fit the bill! Now, I may be a Naturopath, which means I have formally studied, but any person could see the double message if they took the time to pay attention instead of accepting what was presented. Well, we’d like to think so. But the reality is, we accept media hype for almost everything and have fully given over our power to something “out side” of ourselves. Hey really… its ok to have an independent thought, especially when someone is shoving lies down your throat because you have been blinded by the word cancer and muted by the color pink.

At Your Healing Place. I spend almost 8 hours of quality time with each client that begins the healing journey to wellness. During that time one is gradually given much information regarding not only what is best for their particular situation, but also why. Educating a client ensures they will 1.) comply with professional recommendations, and 2.) establish life long changes to give them a fighting chance of having a quality life. We often forget that an informed consumer is an empowered consumer. So the next time you are inundated with subliminal messaging, do a double take and listen to your higher self that said out load “what the heck did he just say”, and really stop and act on your higher judgement! If I see anyone drinking a pink bottle of the 5 Hour Energy which is filled with junk, or scarf down a piece of KFC in a pink bucket or close their eyes in wild anticipation of biting into a pink muffin I cannot be held responsible… LOL

What I may say to the person is, hey…”did you know that Susan G. Komen gets paid over $700k, cancer research gets far less than her salary and you are eating carcinogenic food to fund the madness.” With a comment like that I’m sure I’d get an eye bulging glare, or an indignant stare. Who cares! At that moment, I would have hopefully turned on the light switch and caused a shift in consciousness. At the very least I would have caused an indignant curiosity and the person would have to look up Susan Komen’s salary… just to see if anything I said was correct!

By the way… fried meats and oils heated at high temperatures are carcinogenic, a high carb diet feeds cancer and 5 Hour Energy Drinks are just junk in a bottle. Looking for  way to integrate your spirit, mind and body for optimal health, take the course. From Panic to EmPowerment: How to stop pain and dis-ease from taking over your life by connecting spirit, mind and body.

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