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Time travel – Beam Me Up

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Time travel – Beam Me Up


“Beam me up Scottie” was a popular phrase we heard on Star Trek. The show was so popular because it exploited the unknown possibilities of technology, space travel, even healing. Remember the healing light used on Capt. Kirk’s wounds? Back then we thought that was far fetched fantasy, fun to watch. Or was it? Science that the general public is made aware of has been in the hands of ” powers that be” for over 20 years before were given access. So maybe we were given a glimpse of the future~ our present. You can’t deny that the cell phone, computers, iPads and even face time or Skype has an eerie resemblance to the ” Star Ship Enterprise”.

That being the case, it should not surprise you that medicine; western and alternative are reaching beyond the traditional four walls to offer healing to those in need. Surgeons are operating from remote operating rooms to assist in surgery and many hospitals are implementing a virtual clinic. Why should the progression of natural and alternative medicine delivery be any different?

Your Healing Place  is right on the heals of the necessary progression of change.  Your healing place exists to help you embrace the future. The Zyto scan technology is based on Bio communication; meaning your body plays an active role in the decision making process for creating balance.

 HOW the Zyto works

Having a Zyto scan at Your Healing Place establishes a baseline of knowledge, so that for the first time in your life you will understand what your body is asking for. We shoot in the dark far too often. Doing so creates unnecessary set backs in our quest for health. Instead of moving backward; Let’s “boldly go where no man has gone before.” (well until now)!

At first  glance the Zyto testing plat may look like a child’s toy. It blue with silver spaces for each finger… innovative. that’s probably the sentiment you had when you first say an iPod that held 100 songs or your first pager. Time flies and so does the use and implementation of technology. Understanding how technology aides in improving your health is the whole point of this blog. Some say we should get back to old ways by using natural things. I believe that is true, yet we can combine the old with the new to create a positive impact for the future. It just occurred to me that our future  is now.

At your healing place we use Zyto technology and other services to change the view of what is possible. When people search out natural medicine they are desperate for healing ; are in a state of panic about some illness they cannot get a handle on and want relief. We offer that relief; sharing information, technology, services and compassion. Welcome Aboard!




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